Rains County Courthouse

Emory, Texas

The Rains County Courthouse was built in 1908 by the Bryan Architectural Company of St. Louis. The courthouse is situated in the center of a 252 square foot block of the City of Emory. Architexas prepared Construction Documents in compliance with the master plan, which was approved and funded by the Texas Historic Commission (THC) under the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program (THCPP).

Architexas provided full architectural services to restore the courthouse, which included the integration of new MEP systems, construction of a new egress stair to meet ADA and life-safety system requirements, and restoration of the courtroom, it’s balcony, railings, pressed metal ceiling, and historic finishes. The exterior building work was limited to selective painting and masonry veneer repair where the addition was removed. During construction, the THC awarded supplemental funding to the County to complete the restoration of the wood window sashes, exterior painting, exterior sheet metal elements and reconstruction of the historic theatre seats.

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