TPWD Tyler State Park

Tyler, Texas

Architexas served as the Historic Preservation Architect for the restoration and rehabilitation of the CCC structures at Tyler State Park. Developed in the late 1930’s under the New Deal program, the project includes the restoration of the park’s three CCC structures – the Residence, Garage (Well) House and Concession Building. Originally built in 1940, these buildings required upgrades to meet ADA and building code requirements, in addition to receiving overall restoration/rehabilitations. These buildings each presented its own unique set of challenges: the Concession building had been reconstructed with several variations from the original, after a fire destroyed the building; an addition was added to the Garage to contain the water treatment equipment; and the Residence had fallen into severe disrepair due to lack of use.

Architexas’ work includes completion of historic preservation research, existing materials survey, programming, consultation on the integration of the new mechanical systems, preparation of construction documents for the historic features to be restored and reconstructed, as well as the design of new features incorporated into the building interiors to meet the Park’s changing needs.

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