Purse Building Rehabilitation

Dallas, Texas
This historical landmark, located at 601 Elm Street stands empty at the gateway to the West End Historic District, facing the Dallas County Founders Park and the Kennedy Memorial.

The Purse Building is on the National Register of Historic Places and will be a Certified Rehabilitation, taking advantage of the State and Federal Tax Credits. The building has been vacant since the Dallas County Records staff vacated the premises in the early 1990’s. The plans call for the complete restoration of the exterior and adaptation of the building’s interior, which preserves its historical integrity.

When the building rehabilitation is complete it will boast 15,581 square feet of retail spaces equipped to accommodate up to five unique concepts; a new restaurant on the park for the county employees and tourists, a specialty shop serving prepared foods, a basement speak easy reminiscent of the 60’s, a rooftop restaurant that will have one of a kind views of the downtown skyline, and a coffee and wine bar opening to the light rail where commuters can co-mingle with residents of the West End. In addition to retail space, the building will house five floors of office space in a heavy timber, historic environment suitable for open office space or subdivision for smaller office users.