City of Grapevine Design Guidelines

Grapevine, Texas
Architexas, in conjunction with MESA Planning, is providing urban design and planning services for the development of design guidelines for new multifamily and vertical mixed use development in the community. Grapevine, Texas is located in one of the fastest growth corridors in the United States and experiences increased multifamily development proposals from developers throughout the city.

Grapevine has requested the updated and upgrade of existing multifamily zoning ordinances to accomplish the following goals: 1) Protection of sub-market distinction and relatively higher rents possible within a more clearly defined sub-market, 2) Increasing the enduring quality of Grapevine’s building stock, 3) Assure that multifamily as a housing option is consistent with overall value of residential use in Grapevine, 4) Preserve and promote a coherent urban form for Grapevine that is responsive to its varied landscapes and development settings. Thereby, preventing ubiquitous repetition of product type that overcomes the varied landscape of the city.

In order to accomplish the above described goals, Architexas and MESA Planning studied the varied character of Grapevine in which multifamily and/or vertical mixed use development is likely to occur and to further understand that special environmental/visual characteristics of these settings to which such development must respond and are drafting design guidelines to meet those character zones.