Simon Theatre

Brenham, Texas
The Simon Theatre in Brenham, Texas was designed by renowned Texas architect, Alfred C. Finn in 1925. The Simon Theatre was a vibrant part of downtown Brenham, and entertained generations with its silent picture shows, Vaudeville shows, dancing performances, concerts, Hollywood movies and more. Architexas was hired to perform a conditions assessment and develop a master plan for the building to aid in raising funds and for the Owner to apply for grants to be used for the restoration of the theatre. The master plan was developed through a workshop with the owners and key stakeholders to create a well-defined use and future plan for the building.

Brenham Main Street Historical Preservation, Inc., a community-based non-profit organization, who owns the Simon Theatre, raised money to initially replace the roof and restore the storefront. Architexas has ensured that the restoration work has conformed to the Secretary of Interior Standards. Architexas provided full architectural services to restore the interior lobby, reconstruct the historic ticket booth, incorporate a Visitors Center on the first floor, and finish out a retail space for a local coffee shop, all of which are currently under construction. The long-term goal for the project is to restore the historic theatre and ballroom for community events and entertainment.

  • Full Architectural Services
  • Cost Analysis
  • Historic Paint Analysis